About Rock-Ore

We are part of the Cactus Global Commodities Group . As experienced traders with comprehensive data on market players, we use our expertise and contacts within the industry to provide the best possible products and services. We are a professional team of global mineral/ore merchants, and export to various Industries. We have been in operation for 3 years with great success. 


How We Work

We are in contractual agreements with our miners, fieldworkers, and cooperatives, and we directly engage with our end users and producers through our physical presence on the ground. .

Mineral/Ore Merchants & Exporters

We export from a wide range of countries produce such as minerals/ores/rocks delivered to our buyers worldwide by working directly with the miners through our physical presence on the ground  and operating under clear and very simple trading terms designed to protect and secure the interest of all parties involved. We structure finance and control risk through the supply process to the physical movement of the cargo to destination.

Choose us at Rock-Ore 

when you’re looking for a reputable mineral/ore trade partner.

Rock-Ore is a part of the Cactus-Global-Commodities-Group ltd.